Windsor Marble Shares in the Rich History of Marble in Ontario

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A Building Material of Royalty
Windsor Marble When we think of the origins of marble, it can summon images of kings and queens in palaces made of rich shiny marble with various treasures and valuables lining the walls. Throughout history, marble has been an elite building material used to show status and wealth. Marble can be polished to an almost mirror-like finish which enhances its attractiveness. Some of the most prominent buildings in the world boast exquisite marble floors that are both durable and breathtaking. Even today, marble is an instant way to add elegance and sophistication to any home.
Marble is a relatively expensive building material so it is not economically feasible for many of us to build our entire homes out of it, but it is possible for families with varying budgets to add marble accents of differing degrees throughout their homes. Marble is a very beautiful, high-class stone and adding it to your home instantly conveys to your visitors that you appreciate the finer things in life.
In addition to being very visually appealing, marble is also known for its ability to last an exceptionally long time while retaining its original look and finish. While marble can be a bit expensive, an investment in marble is an investment in something that will potentially last a lifetime.
Practical Uses of Marble
Marble has many practical uses throughout different rooms in the home. The natural beauty and hardness of marble make it an obvious choice for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. Marble countertops command attention and instantly become an attractive focal point of the room. There are many other characteristics of marble that make it a prime choice for countertops including:
  • Heat resistance making it able to withstand a warm pot
  • Bacteria resistance that promotes hygiene and prohibits different types of fungus
  • Stain resistance making spills easy to clean up
  • Scratch resistance that enables it to be used as a makeshift cutting board
  • Available in many colours to fit existing décor and color schemes
The extreme durability of marble has also led to its use as a floor tile. The ease with which it can be cleaned and the scratch resistance it offers means it will look its best for a very long time, even in high traffic areas. The mold resistant qualities are ideal for damp areas like the bathroom and shower.
In some instances marble can be designed and cut to fabricate custom fixtures that project a truly regal appearance such as sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces and mantels.
From Windsor to Kingston
When the decision is made to add marble to your home, there are companies across Ontario all the way from Windsor to Kingston to serve your needs. There are marble companies in Ontario that have decades of experience designing and installing marble projects so you can focus on enjoying your new marble additions instead of worrying about the project being completed correctly.
Ontario marble companies have a solid reputation built on high quality products and exceptional customer service that will help make any of your marble projects a royal success.